Brief trading recommendations for EUR/USD and GBP/USD on 10/01/20


Yesterday, the EUR/USD pair did not manage to stay below the side channel 1.1700 // 1.1810 // 1.1910. As a result, the correction phase from the local low of 1.1612 remains on the market, where the resistance level is 1.1755.

Based on the data obtained on the location of the quote, we can assume that without price consolidation above 1.1775, the quote will continue to fluctuate within the amplitude of 1.1710/1.1755 until the end of the current day.

If the local high is updated and the price consolidates above 1.1775, it may lead to a prolonged corrective movement in the direction of 1.1810.


On the other hand, the GBP/USD pair resumed to grow along the correction course after a short stagnation in the period of September 29. As a result, the local high was updated, and the quote was consolidated above 1.2940.

The maximum possible deviation from the downward trend is 1.3480 ---> 1.2674. Now, if the price consolidates above the level of 1.3000, it may lead to a change in market interest from downward trend to an upward one.

Based on the data obtained on the quote, we can assume that if the correction phase persists, a movement towards the level of 1.3000 (+/-15 pips) is not excluded, where a slowdown with a following price rebound is possible.


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